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FTV Girl Jessica

One of the the things I love about FTV Girls the most is the fact that they have no fear when it comes to public nudity at all…

And Jessica, this big breasted brunette, well, she’s not afraid of getting naked outside either. Then again, we can see why. She’s got a perfect little body. She’s tight and has all of the proper curves in the right places….

ftv girls jessica

And her breasts are fucking flawless!

But would you expect anything less from an FTV Girl?

FTV Girls always has it going on… And this new chick is smoking hot. Totally bangable.

Her name is Lola. I like Lola. She’s got long dark hair (hot!) and a tight little dress (hotter!). You can tell this FTV Girl is a tall drink of water; She’s got two long legs sticking out of her dress.

ftv girl lola 1

Then suddenly this FTV Girl gets on her knees, pulls up her dress, and pulls out her little titties…. Lola has such cute little titties. It looks like this FTV Girl is ready to give someone a blow job!

ftv girl lola 2

Women In Spandex

I love the tight short shorts that chicks wear when they are working out and jogging. I love to watch women jogging; I can watch women jog until the end of the time. Mostly this is because of the titties they have, but with the short little tight shorts they have on these days… Smoking fucking hot. I can’t imagine what would be hotter, except for maybe two hot chicks in short shorts jogging or showering together or having lesbian sex with each other…

This hot FTV girls has some super short short tight spandex shorts on…

ftv girl-tight ass short shorts

I love the FTV Girls to begin with, but this is hotter than hot.

I bet you that guy in the truck has no idea that thousands of men will be fapping to a picture of his truck…

I like chicks that are physically fit… I don’t want a chick to lay there and let me do my thing; I want a woman that fights back a little. I like to wrestle naked. I want to work for it. The FTV Girls are always physically fit.

MaeLynn from FTV Girls looks like she is physically fit… She’s got the shorts and the little sweater and with the perky boobs – This crazy hot sexy FTV Girl can still do a cartwheel. Very hot!

ftv girl naked fun outside1

But when she recovers from her cartwheel opps… Her boobies came out!

ftv girl naked fun outside2

Sexy Cartwheels

We like the FTV Girls because they are all rather athletic. They seem to enjoy jogging on camera – which is super hot because their boobies bounce in every last direction. That’s hot.

And now we have Melanie. Our guess is that Melanie was a cheerleader in high school… Because this hottie can clearly do a cartwheel!

ftv girls cartwheels

Now if we can just get her to do it naked…

Lacie has it going on. Then again, it’s rare that FTV Girls has a red head that I don’t want to bang repeatedly until I can no longer walk.

I love this shot – this FTV Girl is up against a car, short skirt, high heels, ready to get it on. And you just know this sexy sports car is making her fucking panties nice and wet!

ftv girl lacie spreads legs sexy car 1

This FTV girl is so fucking horny right now… That she can just spread her legs and play with herself and get off nearly instantly!

ftv girl lacie spreads legs sexy car 2

Not Wearing Panties

If a chick isn’t wearing panties under her dress, we know exactly what kind of woman she is. Being as we can plainly see Anita doesn’t have any panties on, we already now what kind of girl this FTV hottie is. She’s the one you want to take home form the club, because chances are you’ll be banging this FTV Girl in the car long before you get home!

hot ftv girl

FTV GIrl Alexa

Alexa from FTV girls is perfect…. Tiny little boobies, thin waists…. She must be a wild fuck!

sexy ftv girl alexa naked

FTV Girls always ALWAYS has the hottest babes!

Hot Nip Slip

FTV Girl Christine is showing off some sexy cleavage here… Or should we call this a nip slip?

ftv christine sexy dress

You know FTV Girls… It wouldn’t be FTV girls without the sexy sports cars… I can’t tell what kind of this car this is – I’m really a huge Ferrari fan, not a Lambo fan – but I think this car might just be faster then my car. (My car is pretty fast too!)

But who the fuck cares for the car when there is a half naked hot chick on it with her titties out…

hot ftv girl sports car

I’m guessing this FTV Girl already lost her panties!

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