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If you are anything like me you like your chicks in a bikini at the beach, not wearing a bikini top… Two at a time. Yes please.

Damn, I don’t know which FTV Girl I like better here – the blonde with the small boobs, or the red head with the bigger perky boobs. Fuck it. I’ll take both please.

two hot ftv girls bikini topless beach

You can never say no to topless hotties at the beach right?

Flexible FTV Blonde

FTV Girl Ally is one hell of a flexible blonde ride isn’t she?

ftv girl-ally flexable

That’s hot. Just imagine what this FTV Girl can do in bed!

FTV Girl Addison

Here we go again with FTV Girls introducing us to the hottest chicks we’ve ever seen….

Meet Addison. Addison here is a FTV Girl with a perfect body and a beautiful face. Check out those boobs – utterly perfect! And her smile…. Yikes – it’s too much to handle!

ftv girl addison perfect tits body

I like seeing FTV girls naked, but secretly I also like them when they are dressed up in slutty outfits too – FTV Girls always has them in sexy dresses and sometimes work out clothes too!

But I can take my FTV girls naked too!

FTV College Girl

This is special! FTV Girl Whitney decided to give us a tour of her college campus… She doesn’t know that most likely she’ll be kicked out of school once they figure out she’s been posing naked on the college campus, RIGHT? Not my problem.

ftv girl whitney goes back to college-flashes1

Once outside Whitney starts flashing her boobies outside! I love chicks who love to flash their boobs!

And knowing that she’s doing it at her own college is even hotter!

ftv girl whitney goes back to college-flashes3 ftv girl whitney goes back to college-flashes4 ftv girl whitney goes back to college-flashes5 ftv girl whitney goes back to college-flashes6

FTV Girls has all of the hotties… This FTV Girl is blazing hot!

She’s wearing short shorts and a simple little shirt – chicks call it a blouse – but she’s not wearing a bra and she can quickly pull out her titties. It always surprises us when they do that doesn’t it? We wish they would it more often…

cute ftv anessa short shorts

But when you are rolling around with the FTV Girls these things just happen!

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a FTV Girl that wasn’t marriage material…. Every last one of them is beautiful and I would give my soul just to spend the night with them.

This babe… Is all boobs and legs. In this position we can see she’s got huge boobs and big boobs means lots and lots of cleavage!

ftv girls boobs legs

Got time for some motorboating fun?

FTV Girl Natasha

Meet Natasha. I’d hit. Hard. Daily. And then I would never let her leave the house!

She looks really cute with her short little dress, which makes us wonder if she’s wearing panties…

cute hot ftv girl

And when this hot FTV Girl pulls up her dress, guess what – She’s not wearing any panties.

cute hot ftv girl2

This hot FTV Girl isn’t wearing any panties AND she’s willing to prove it to us by hiking up her dress… That’s just perfect!

Alexa from FTV Girls look like she’s ready to masturbate herself with her fingers… And she looks like she’s not happy that she has to wait (because the photographer is most likely telling her to slow down!).

My my… What perfect tits this FTV Girl has… I could think of a dozen things I want to do with those perky little teen boobies!

alexa ftv girls

But first I want to watch her masturbate!

FTV Girl Tatum

Tatum from FTV Girls looks so hot, so damn precious… I bet you I could teach her a few new tricks. Then again… With looks like hers, well, I’m sure she’s been put to the test more than once. How could she not? They must have eaten her alive in high school…

ftv girl tatum1

And of course she’s all too willing to get naked in public… And you know what they say about girls who are willing to get naked in public?

ftv girl tatum2

Just how does FTV Girls pick them?

Teen Fantasy

If you have a teen fantasy, FTV Girl Alexa might just be able to take care of you! She’s young, has long legs, and a short little plaid skirt on like she’s a naughty school girl. She’s wearing a sexy pair of socks – some men get off on that alone – and it looks like she’s about to to take that skirt off or at least hike it up so that we can see she’s not wearing any panties!

That’s our kind of girl too!

ftv girl-short plaid skirt

And this teen babe is nice and perky too!

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