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One of the things I love about the FTV Girls most – besides the fact that they are all lesbians who love to masturbate – is that they all like public nudity. I bet you they all get off on it. Most women would if they had enough nerve to pull it off.

But the FTV Girls all seem to enjoy this!

perky tits flashing outside

And this FTV Girl has just the right amount of boobs!

FTV Girl Jessica

One of the the things I love about FTV Girls the most is the fact that they have no fear when it comes to public nudity at all…

And Jessica, this big breasted brunette, well, she’s not afraid of getting naked outside either. Then again, we can see why. She’s got a perfect little body. She’s tight and has all of the proper curves in the right places….

ftv girls jessica

And her breasts are fucking flawless!

But would you expect anything less from an FTV Girl?

I like chicks that are physically fit… I don’t want a chick to lay there and let me do my thing; I want a woman that fights back a little. I like to wrestle naked. I want to work for it. The FTV Girls are always physically fit.

MaeLynn from FTV Girls looks like she is physically fit… She’s got the shorts and the little sweater and with the perky boobs – This crazy hot sexy FTV Girl can still do a cartwheel. Very hot!

ftv girl naked fun outside1

But when she recovers from her cartwheel opps… Her boobies came out!

ftv girl naked fun outside2

Some times we have good days. It happens every now and then. But trust me when I tell you that you will never have a day like this….

Unless you have a hot blonde chick with a huge rack with fistfuls of cleavage in a tight short dress and a two freaking million dollar car….

This FTV Girl is hot enough, right?

good day 1

And when she bends over into the Bugatti Veyron… My lord, what a sexy view!

good day 2

Who wouldn’t want to tap that ass?

Imagine getting a blow job from this hot FTV girl while you are driving the Bugatti Veyron? Too much!

Bikini Boobs

This hot FTV Girl – Marilyn is her name – has big boobs and knows exactly how to show them off!

Other than walking around naked flashing everyone, the only way for a big breasted chick like Marilyn to show off her huge boobs is the bikini! Of course, fondling them and pushing them up a little bit goes a long way too!

big boobs sexy bikini

Of course, no man is not going to try to sneak a peak at Marilyn in her sexy bikini! Not with big boobs like this!

Super Big Cleavage

Jodie from FTV Girls has exactly what ever man wants: Long blonde hair, big boobs, tight jeans, and able to walk in high heels. Perfect!

Today Jodie decided to pull down her top and show us her gifts to men – her breasts. Now that’s a cleavage shot if I ever saw one!

bending over sexy cleavage

Loving those tight jeans Jodie has too!



I like my babes physically fit. Sexy hard bodies and a tons of personality.

You can just tell this hot blonde FTV Girl has a ton of personality… And she likes to work out!

ftv babe topless jogging2

Looks like she found an empty street so she can go jogging naked – or at least topless.

I love watching women jog topless. I love to watch their huge boobs bounce up and down!

ftv babe topless jogging1 ftv babe topless jogging3 ftv babe topless jogging4 ftv babe topless jogging6

Then of course this FTV Girl gets naked and shows us exactly how much energy she has!

ftv babe topless jogging8

Huge Hooters

One of the things I like about FTV Girls in general is the variety of chicks they have on the website – all shapes and sizes, and all beautiful. One moment it’s a skinny teen with long legs fucking herself with a dildo, and the next moment it’s a big breasted dark haired hottie bouncing on the bed.

Talking about bouncing on the bed, this is FTV Girl April. She’s got some huge knockers! I wonder if she’s been bouncing on anyone’s bed!

ftv girl april huge boobs

Imagine seeing this hot big breasted FTV Girl doing jumping jacks, or better yet sitting on top of you naked!

Why don’t all women dress like this? Oh, who am I kidding? Most women don’t have this kind of body now do they?

This is FTV Girl Devaun and she is smoking hot in this tight and very short dress! Her long legs combined with those high heels is a super sexy combination!

Looks like this big breasted beauty with the long dark hair is in the garage of someone who has a lot of money!

ftv girl devaun sexy tight dress1

And damn, wouldn’t you know it – Devaun has huge knockers and she’s oh so willing to show them off!

ftv girl devaun sexy tight dress2 ftv girl devaun sexy tight dress3 ftv girl devaun sexy tight dress4 ftv girl devaun sexy tight dress5

These are the type of boobs that most women would kill to have! And all men would kill to have a girlfriend like this! Just imagine this big breasted beauty riding on top of you with those big boobs flopping all over the place!

FTV Girl Addison

Here we go again with FTV Girls introducing us to the hottest chicks we’ve ever seen….

Meet Addison. Addison here is a FTV Girl with a perfect body and a beautiful face. Check out those boobs – utterly perfect! And her smile…. Yikes – it’s too much to handle!

ftv girl addison perfect tits body

I like seeing FTV girls naked, but secretly I also like them when they are dressed up in slutty outfits too – FTV Girls always has them in sexy dresses and sometimes work out clothes too!

But I can take my FTV girls naked too!