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FTV Wild Child

FTV Girl Jacky is another wild child who likes to get naked in public!

Today she’s not flashing us, but she’s taken off her shirt – outside! And she’s playing with her boobs!

topless in public

Loving the fact that FTV Girl Jacky just took off her shirt and and standing there wearing only her jeans, playing with her breasts!

Got to love the public nudity at FTV Girls!

Sometimes us men get so caught up on how we like boobs that we forget women have beautiful asses too. Yum.

This is Staci from FTV Girls. Yum. This is really a short dress that looks more like a long shirt; She’s got it lifted up and – surprise – it seems she doesn’t have any panties on. I like girls who don’t like wearing panties.

And my lord, that must be the perfect ass.

ftv girl-staci hot ass

FTV Girls is located out in Phoenix, where the sun always shine. I use to live there – it was freaking hot. But hotter it gets the less clothes women wear. This is why Staci from FTV Girls isn’t wearing any panties – just too hot!

Tight Sexy Dress

What I love about FTV Girls is that they have a great way of taking something perfectly normal and making it super sexy. This shot of Emily is a great example – she’s merely adjusting the straps on her shows, but it’s oh so sexy….

ftv girl emily tight dress 1

Then again, from the looks of things FTV Girl Emily looks sexy in that tight dress no matter what she is doing!

ftv girl emily tight dress 2 ftv girl emily tight dress 3 ftv girl emily tight dress 4 ftv girl emily tight dress 5

Then she spreads her legs just enough so we can see her snatch… Because that’s what FTV Girls is all about!

ftv girl emily tight dress 6

Flashing At Mall

Now sure how to describe FTV Girl Victoria here… Is she flashing or should we call this public nudity? She seems to be at a mall, and we can see more than just her titties!

Victoria has such cute little perky titties…

flashing at mall

I guess we’ll call this both flashing and public nudity. This perky blonde might not be nude, but she’s showing off her pussy and her perky tits at the same time so that’s a bit more than flashing!

Lesbians On Beach

Every time we turn around we have more pictures of hot FTV Girls… And this time there is two of them! And they are both naked… They aren’t on the beach, but they are at the beach – and completely naked. Seems to me there is some people in the parking lot who don’t seem to notice there are two hot lesbians kissing naked! I mean, every time I at the beach I am just looking for hot naked chicks making out!

But these two FTV girls are hottest lesbians I’ve seen in a long time!

naked lesbians kissing outside

I wonder what FTV Girls does to get their girls naked and making out in public like this? It’s super hot!

Now here is something you don’t see every day… A hot teen babe with utterly perfect breasts riding on a skate board topless – in public. Some chicks are braver than we could imagine…

And she looks super tight too… Totally perky!

ftv girl skateboarding topless

Check out the socks this FTV Girl is wearing… You can tell she’s the kind chick that loves getting naked in public!

What I love about the FTV Girls website is that they take the girl next door – really hot chicks – and dress them up all pretty like in fancy clothes and slutty high heels and then take sexy yet slutty pictures of them. Win win win.

Kennedy here is exactly that – the girl next door all dressed up. She almost looks surprised that she could look this hot!

ftv girl kennedy 5

The big surprise comes when we discover this FTV Girl isn’t wearing any panties, although we really shouldn’t be surprised. She hikes up her sexy blue dress, bends over, and all we see is sexy high heels, long legs, ass, and pussy!

ftv girl kennedy 2

The public nudity is also a turn on too, but we expect this from FTV Girls!

ftv girl kennedy 1

I like my babes physically fit. Sexy hard bodies and a tons of personality.

You can just tell this hot blonde FTV Girl has a ton of personality… And she likes to work out!

ftv babe topless jogging2

Looks like she found an empty street so she can go jogging naked – or at least topless.

I love watching women jog topless. I love to watch their huge boobs bounce up and down!

ftv babe topless jogging1 ftv babe topless jogging3 ftv babe topless jogging4 ftv babe topless jogging6

Then of course this FTV Girl gets naked and shows us exactly how much energy she has!

ftv babe topless jogging8

Cute sexy FTV Girl Rilee decided to lift up her dress – you know, just like all FTV Girls do eventually – and show us that she’s not wearing any panties. What a naughty, naughty girl!

We approve!

ftv girl rilee lifts up dress

If you are anything like me you like your chicks in a bikini at the beach, not wearing a bikini top… Two at a time. Yes please.

Damn, I don’t know which FTV Girl I like better here – the blonde with the small boobs, or the red head with the bigger perky boobs. Fuck it. I’ll take both please.

two hot ftv girls bikini topless beach

You can never say no to topless hotties at the beach right?