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Category : Short Shorts

Oh wow. This might just be the perfect combination of beauty… A young and very tight teen girl with long legs in a short shorts…. Perfect!

This is FTV Girl Lliana… Imagine having her sexy little teen legs wrapped around you! That would be a special treat indeed!

ftv girl lliana tight teen short shorts long legs1

And of course, being an FTV Girl… You know she’s going to be getting naked in public! What sweet little boobies she has!

ftv girl lliana tight teen short shorts long legs2 ftv girl lliana tight teen short shorts long legs3 ftv girl lliana tight teen short shorts long legs4 ftv girl lliana tight teen short shorts long legs5

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes FTV Girl Chloe to show you something new: Topless basketball. I think the only thing that might be hotter is two teams of topless women playing volleyball topless. But in the mean time we have this tall smoking hot brunette with small boobies to show us her mad basketball skills!

ftv girl chloe toples basketball1

Watching this tall drink of water playing basketball in short shorts is one thing, but watching her play basketball topless is smoking hot!

Trying to play basketball with FTV Girl Chloe topless is not fair – no way we could concentrate playing basketball with this cutie when she’s playing topless with us! So not far!

ftv girl chloe toples basketball2 ftv girl chloe toples basketball3 ftv girl chloe toples basketball4 ftv girl chloe toples basketball5

I like chicks that are flexable. I like chicks who can stuff like this… You can tell FTV girl Maelynn was a cheerleader when she was younger…. Look at the way she moves!

flexable maelynn hot ftv girl1

And you know a chick who can move like this… Can do magical things in bed!

flexable maelynn hot ftv girl2

I bet you FTV Girl Maelynn can do magical things in bed!

Nice perky tits this blonde FTV Girl has!

flexable maelynn hot ftv girl3

Doesn’t FTV Girl Ginger look cute? Yeah, I know, right? She also looks innocent, like a little blonde angel in short tan shorts.

Bullshit. Ginger is a horny slut, just like all of other FTV Girls!


FTV Girls has a knack of getting the hottest babes who look sweet and innocent, and getting them to do very dirty things…. And we can’t wait to see what FTV Girl Ginger does in the member’s area!

Women In Spandex

I love the tight short shorts that chicks wear when they are working out and jogging. I love to watch women jogging; I can watch women jog until the end of the time. Mostly this is because of the titties they have, but with the short little tight shorts they have on these days… Smoking fucking hot. I can’t imagine what would be hotter, except for maybe two hot chicks in short shorts jogging or showering together or having lesbian sex with each other…

This hot FTV girls has some super short short tight spandex shorts on…

ftv girl-tight ass short shorts

I love the FTV Girls to begin with, but this is hotter than hot.

I bet you that guy in the truck has no idea that thousands of men will be fapping to a picture of his truck…

I like chicks that are physically fit… I don’t want a chick to lay there and let me do my thing; I want a woman that fights back a little. I like to wrestle naked. I want to work for it. The FTV Girls are always physically fit.

MaeLynn from FTV Girls looks like she is physically fit… She’s got the shorts and the little sweater and with the perky boobs – This crazy hot sexy FTV Girl can still do a cartwheel. Very hot!

ftv girl naked fun outside1

But when she recovers from her cartwheel opps… Her boobies came out!

ftv girl naked fun outside2

I always wanted to meet a Kennedy… Just never thought I’d want to fuck one.

But this hot blonde chick is perfect – perky little boobs, short shorts, glasses, the scarf…. Too hot for words! Then again, we’ve come to expect that from FTV Girls now don’t we?

kennedy perky ftv girl

This FTV Girl looks short and tight… She must make for a great little ride!

FTV Girl Staci

Yes, I love cleavage. We all do. Even the chicks love cleavage.

Meet Staci from FTV Girls. She’s a regular hottie. She’s wearing some short shorts and little top, and when this hot babe with long blonde hair bends over all we really see is her big smile and her sexy cleavage. If only more women wore sexy little tops like this and bent over for us.

I wonder if FTV Girl Staci is wearing a bra here…. I think I can see the bra peaking out from the top, but the way her titties are makes them look like they are loose and free.

ftv girl-staci cleavage

Either way I love Staci and her sexy little cleavage!

FTV Girl Marissa went jogging in her short little shorts… It’s always damn sexy when hot chicks go out jogging with their hair up and their boobies bouncing all around.

But Marissa wants to let her boobies come out and play… And no one is about to say no!

short shorts jogging flashing-boobies

What sexy little legs Marissa has….

You can’t see it from this picture, but in the other pictures from this set where she’s flashing her boobs you can see people in the background, clueless to what this hot blonde is doing!

FTV Girls has all of the hotties… This FTV Girl is blazing hot!

She’s wearing short shorts and a simple little shirt – chicks call it a blouse – but she’s not wearing a bra and she can quickly pull out her titties. It always surprises us when they do that doesn’t it? We wish they would it more often…

cute ftv anessa short shorts

But when you are rolling around with the FTV Girls these things just happen!