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Hot Redhead

This right here is why we love FTV Girls…. Take a hot teen red head with long legs and put her in a short skirt and some high heels and bam, we’ve cough up a lung just to be in the same room with her so we can watch.

This FTV Girl’s name is Lacie.

ftv girl lacie short skirt

We just can’t wait until Lacie takes off her clothes…. We want to see this hot red headed babe naked!

Short Plaid Skirt

FTV Girl Tiffany is wearing a short little plaid skirt… We can almost see up her skirt! In fact, we can. We can see most of Tiffany’s ass here.

She’s either wearing a tiny thing that is riding up her ass crack, or she’s not wearing any panties….

ftv girl tiffany short plaid skirt

I’m not sure which!

This is FTV Melissa. Seems there might be too girls at FTV name Melissa. But this is my favorite one. In fact, she’s secretly my all favorite FTV girl

Long legs, sexy high heels, perky top, that sexy hair…

ftv girl melissa2

And when FTV Girl Melissa takes off her top and sits down.. Not only can we see her boobs, but also we can see that she’s not wearing any panties too!

ftv girl melissa1

Lacie has it going on. Then again, it’s rare that FTV Girls has a red head that I don’t want to bang repeatedly until I can no longer walk.

I love this shot – this FTV Girl is up against a car, short skirt, high heels, ready to get it on. And you just know this sexy sports car is making her fucking panties nice and wet!

ftv girl lacie spreads legs sexy car 1

This FTV girl is so fucking horny right now… That she can just spread her legs and play with herself and get off nearly instantly!

ftv girl lacie spreads legs sexy car 2

Some times we have good days. It happens every now and then. But trust me when I tell you that you will never have a day like this….

Unless you have a hot blonde chick with a huge rack with fistfuls of cleavage in a tight short dress and a two freaking million dollar car….

This FTV Girl is hot enough, right?

good day 1

And when she bends over into the Bugatti Veyron… My lord, what a sexy view!

good day 2

Who wouldn’t want to tap that ass?

Imagine getting a blow job from this hot FTV girl while you are driving the Bugatti Veyron? Too much!

Short Tennis Skirt

FTV Dara is all ready for tennis… This might just get interesting!

I’m willing to bet this FTV Girl doesn’t have any panties on. Why do I say this? Generally speaking FTV girls don’t wear panties for long, that’s for sure!

hot sexy tennis babe

Imagine playing tennis with hot blonde Dara, this tall drink of water… I bet you every time this long legged blonde runs or jumps to hit the tennis ball her skirt flops up – and we get to see her snatch!

Now isn’t this just a heavenly view? I know, right? Great ass, long legs, no panties.

With an ass like this she’ll go places. And I bet she can fuck anywhere – up against the wall in a parking garage… No program for Jeri from FTV Girls!

ftv girl jeri short dress great ass high heels no panties

I love her long legs too. Jeri must be very flexible and one can only imagine how handy that must be when fucking!

Only on FTV Girls!

Teen Fantasy

If you have a teen fantasy, FTV Girl Alexa might just be able to take care of you! She’s young, has long legs, and a short little plaid skirt on like she’s a naughty school girl. She’s wearing a sexy pair of socks – some men get off on that alone – and it looks like she’s about to to take that skirt off or at least hike it up so that we can see she’s not wearing any panties!

That’s our kind of girl too!

ftv girl-short plaid skirt

And this teen babe is nice and perky too!

Meet Melana from FTV girls… She might just be the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen – and surely one of the top three at FTV Girls… She’s perfect.

I love this dress – super short, and super tight. All women should wear tight short dresses. And it shows off her sexy little perky boobs in the most perfect way!

ftv girls perfect woman 1

When this hot FTV Girl takes off her dress…. Those are the most perfect boobs I’ve ever seen!

ftv girls perfect woman 2

FTV Girl Danica here lost us at hello. I swear if I was to met her I instantly get weak in the knees. She’s hot.

Not sure where Danica is from, but I had to guess I’d say Norway – or by the Swiss Alps.

ftv girl danica hot blonde short jean skirt1

So when she’s fully dressed FTV Girl Danica is a knock out, so you know it’s only going to get better when she gets naked. Because Danica has a killer fucking body. Starting off with her perky big boobs and working your way down, you can see every inch of this hot blonde’s body is perfection!

ftv girl danica hot blonde short jean skirt4 ftv girl danica hot blonde short jean skirt5 ftv girl danica hot blonde short jean skirt6 ftv girl danica hot blonde short jean skirt7

And then combined with the fact that she’s naked outside, well, you know what kind of girl she is!